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Why Study at UCTC?

As opposed to the existing organism of higher education in the public sphere, a new movement of private initiatives has become apparent since the early 1990s. In line with this momentum, a number of private universities have been established in last two decades. However, long after the inception of universities under private initiatives, our industries are still in demand of efficient and technologically capable manpower. In response to this demand, UCTC’s goal is to equip its graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in today’s challenging economy. We are committed to capitalize curiosity, creativity and confidence in our graduates.

UCTC aims to develop ingenious and versatile human capital through innovative, scientific, technological, cultural and social knowledge together with creating facts conducive to the socio-economic realities of developing societies in general and of Bangladesh in particular.

Our strategy is founded on:

Faculties comprising of highly qualified and internationally experienced scholars;Applied teaching and job-oriented training programs as an integral part of the university curriculum.Adding exceptional values in preparing graduates for a fulfilling life defined by the confidence to succeed a desire to excel and a love of learning that never stops.Encouraging innovations and curiosity in discovering new elucidation to the world’s great challenges.Being accountable for our actions and upholding the highest ethical standardsBeing stewards of the public goodwill, the financial resources assigned to us, and the environment we belong toBeing inclusive in welcoming community and striving to build a creative learning environment marked by openness, understanding and valuing all people and perspectives.

UCTC is located at one of the distinct areas of the city, where students can find various facilities, such as shops, restaurants, theatres, art galleries and so on. In campus, a vibrant and friendly environment is expected to be maintained, which would make it easier for the students to communicate with the staff and other fellow members comfortably. UCTC is proud to offer various academic and technological facilities within the institution to make the academic experience more enjoyable for a student.