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Message from Chief Advisor

Engr. Mosharraf Hossain, MP

Prof. Yunus Message from The Hon’ble Cheif Advisor:
Adopting a time-bound ‘Vision 2021’ of Bangladesh, UCTC will be of practical value towards guiding national priorities. As Chief Advisor of University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC), I am proud to send this message. I am honored and proud to be a part of UCTC’s noble mission.

On behalf of the team of academic advisors, I welcome your decision to consider continuing your higher education with UCTC. I am confident that the learning that you will get by the way of action learning introduced by UCTC will not only help you to realize your true potential but will be regarded as the most effective method of training and development in higher education. One of the most corrective ways is to engage in continuous learning and taking action on what you learn.

The UCTC is indeed a place where young and intelligent students are shaped in and are chiseled in a mode and manner, so as to bring out the best which is within them. Their aims, aspirations and ambitions are articulated towards genuine accomplishment for them in an exemplary manner.

The UCTC ensures the vast potential, talent and energy that the students possess is properly channelized for creative, productive and socially relevant endeavors and they are provided a timely support and vent in their professional, emotional and personal affairs. The strong leadership that inspires stakeholders to work towards a common goal is the key to any successful organization. The stewardship has laid the foundations for an accountable, responsible and see-through governance of the University attained by a decentralized, all participative committee centered administration, While responding to the changing needs of the health and educational system in the country, the University has gone far beyond the core concerns of health sciences education. It has placed a singular focus on nurturing and recruiting faculty, who are among the leaders in their fields.

Despite having 50 years of history the government has only from 1997 started the process of developing a national ICT strategy. In 2002 Bangladesh identified ICT as a “thrust sector” as it represents potential for quick wins in reforms, job creation, industry growth, improving governance and facilitating inclusion, and it has high spillover effects to other sectors. Today, in Bangladesh, the overall IT sector (excluding telecoms) is small, valued at $300 million, with IT/ITES claiming 39% ($117 million) of that value. The overall IT/ITES industry has enjoyed a high growth rate of 40% over the last five (5) years and this trend is expected to continue and so on.

Digital Bangladesh is an Idea that includes the IT use for management, administration and governance to ensure transparency, accountability and answerability at all levels of society and state. To materialize the idea of digital Bangladesh, development of countrywide backbone and expected number of human recourses are the basic needs which can be fulfilled by universities like UCTC.

Throughout the journey, the University has undergone several phases of desired transformations to mitigate the increasingly multi-faceted challenges of a highly competitive higher education landscape. Through these transformation processes the University with distinct features stands carved out. Once known as a group of institutions dedicated purely to teaching, it has evolved into a research-intensive University, catering to an ever-growing demand for innovative intervention. International collaborations and robust linkages, where the quantity and quality of teaching and research initiatives continue to flourish and blossom.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate UCTC for doing such a great job for the juveniles of Bangladesh.

I wish UCTC a grand success.
Engr. Mosharraf Hossain, MP
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh