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Vision, Mission & Core Values


UCTC WILL BE THE LEADING PRIVATE TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH BASED UNIVERSITY FOR DISCOVERY, CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION. UCTC strives to be the global benchmark institution with a highly qualified, talented and entrepreneurial workforce; innovative research; relevant academic programs, services; and technology and ideas to solve the greater challenges of the time. We will be able to contribute positively towards the social and national advancement of the country through the provision of knowledge based solutions to scientific, technological, economic and social challenges. We will fabricate our students with interactive and updated academic milieu to flourish their creativity and make them proficient in their selected disciplines.
Our students will be :

  • Learners with confidence to be succeeded
  • Critical thinkers with well-rounded analytical skills
  • Innovative and of good leadership skills
  • Punctual and Creative
  • Conversant in all forms of communication
  • Globally aware with commitment to social justice and sustainability
  • Ethically and socially responsible


The overall vision of University of Creative Technology, Chittagong (UCTC) is to be a world-class center of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. We will cultivate curiosity, creativity and confidence in our graduates. We will be able to develop ingenious and versatile human capital through innovative, scientific, technological, cultural and social knowledge along with creating facts conducive to the socio-economic realities of rising societies in universal context and of Bangladesh in particular.

Core Values

In achieving our goals, our mission will be guided by the following core values:

  • Morality
  • Innovation
  • Technological Enrichment
  • Excellence and Diligence
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Equity
  • Responsibility towards Society and Environment