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Cultural Affairs Division

Vision and Mission

CAD open doors to extracurricular activities to develop students’ ability to gain skills needed for work and life.

• CAD supports students’ dynamic involvement in extra and co-curricular activities through various UCTC students’ clubs and societies to gain essential skill sets: Collaboration and teamwork, Creativity and imagination, Initiative and leadership, Flexibility and adaptability, Oral and written communication skills, Cultural awareness, Information Technology literacy, Social responsibility and ethics.
• Students are continually encouraged to join UCTC Cultural Club, a fully functional students’ club at UCTC, to organise, celebrate and perform on various international, national and UCTC events.
• We welcome students’ proposal to set up clubs or societies relevant to their interest, need and eagerness.
• We also welcome students’ creative projects, seminars, social engagement programmes to create extracurricular opportunities.
• We actively seek opportunity to set up clubs (proposed) for students: UCTC Debate Club, Young Writers’ Club, Public Speaking club, Film club, English Language Club, UCTC Photography Society, UCTC Adventure Club, UCTC Social Initiatives and so on.