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Department Overview

UCTC Business School has started its journey with the commitment to provide the highest quality business education in Bangladesh. Our aim is to become one of the leading research-based Business Schools of Bangladesh. Moreover, the demand for modern education methods is highly supported by our business school. Here, education is provided using the state-of-the-art materials and techniques; and similarly students are highly encouraged with these latest techniques and skills that required in a global work environment. Therefore, our main objective is to prepare our graduates to face the challenges of twenty first century and believe in themselves whether they are interested in developing career as entrepreneur or business executive.

UCTC Business School offers a comprehensive range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate level such as BBA, MBA (1 year) and MBA (2 years). As a dynamic new university, a good number of students are studying in this business school with five majors in each program and the student/teacher ratio in most classes is 25:1. All of our offered programs are approved by UGC and Government.

In our business school, we have a good number of full-time faculty members. Our faculty members are highly qualified, and possess doctoral and/or master’s degree from leading research universities in Europe and Asia. In addition, our regular seminars and workshops on contemporary issues, and diverse learning strategies facilitate our faculty members to keep update about the recent developments on teaching technologies and business world.

Additionally, the school of Business trains its students to develop their social and cultural values; and also prepare them to thrive in a globally competitive surrounding. UCTC’s mission is “UCTC will be the leading private technological research based university for discovery, creativity and innovation”, to develop skilled human resources who will be our country’s future leaders. Also all of our activities in the School of Business are strongly driven by the UCTC’s mission. Overall, this school offers the best possible educational environment to flourish one’s creativity and ingenuity to reach his/her goals.