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UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY CHITTAGONG , Chandgaon Police Station, 1084, Shah Amanat Bridge Connecting Road, Chittagong 4212

Bipasha Barua

Lecturer in English Literature

In the autumn 2019, I joined University of Creative Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh as a full time Lecturer of School of Arts & Social Science in the Department of English Language and Literature. In between three concentration – English Language, Literature and ELT; I chose Literature for teaching the undergraduate and the post-graduate students of UCTC. Besides I am involved in research, creative writing, cultural journalism, classical dance group, and trekking.


Masters of Arts, Comparative Literature,Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India (ICCR Scholar).
Masters of Arts, English Literature, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Teaching expertise

19th Century (Victorian) Poetry
Practical Criticism Theory of I. A. Richards
Business Communication
Basic English
Communicative English

Research Interests

Subaltern Studies
Canadian Indigenous Literature
Cross-Cultural Literary Studies
Gender Studies
Creative Writing
Feminist Literature
Literary Transactions
Film, Drama & Adaptation
Indigenous Film and Film making
Kabir, Sufi, Vakti Songs and Saphho’s fragments

Research Projects and Awards

My first work focused on the literary difference between representation and adaptation of literary texts into films. I tried to explore the critical nuances that make the adapted version different from the original/source text; for example, I tried to see how music has played an important role in this regard. Music has its own appeal but why and how a director of the film is using such particular music to express his feelings after he had read the original literary piece is my basic interest of the paper. In my paper, I also showed how a producer tried to connect his feelings through his creative works to his viewers. That was my first work and quest for research.
Then I worked on the Canadian Indigenous director’s film, media and documentary work in terms of their resistance and sensation. There I focused on the Mohawk’s Oka Crisis situation and how this crisis shaped four generations in Kanesatake and Kahnawake place. Indigenous director’s shortcomings, story and theme choice, their vision, their way of description and how these features are different from the Western Way.
The next work I prepared is on the folk culture of ChittagonianMezban. It is about the food, culinary arts, history of Mezban, its past and the present representational differences, and of course about social gatherings and communication.

Current Research Projects
Recently I am reading Wole Soyinka’s play ‘Death and the King’s Horseman’, where he claimed ‘Colonial Factor is … a catalytic incident merely’. As I am going more in-depth, I realized that the impact of colonization can be understood through the experience of trauma and can study as a subject of trauma. Canadian Indigenous Literature also deals with colonial trauma and their memoir always shows the difference between the pre and the post-colonial period.

Workshop Attended &Participated:
1. Workshop on Pronunciation by NaymaAfreen, Lecturer of Department of English Language and Literature, University of Creative Technology Chittagongong (UCTC), Chattogram, Bangladesh; held on 30th July 2019 held at Department of English Language & Literature, UCTC (Bangladesh).
2. Workshop on Merging Gender Issues in Language Education through Content-Based Instruction bySayedaFatema, Lecturer in English, Department of English Language & Literature, Universityof Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC), Chattogram, Bangladesh held on 2nd August 2019 held at the Department of English Language and Literature, UCTC (Bangladesh).
3. UBCHEA sponsored workshop on 'Faculty Development for New Pedagogies to Teach Gen Z'; held on 25th and 26th September 2019 at Scottish Church College, Kolkata, India.

Co-Curricular Cultural Courses &Achievements/ Awards &
Workshops (Only the Dance Part)

1. Four years of Classical Dance course’s from 'DhrubaParishad', Chittagong, Bangladesh
• First year : session (1996-97)
• Acquired Position : 3rd
• Second year : session (1997-98)
• Acquired Position : 1st
• Third year : session (1998-99)
• Acquired Position : 2nd
• Fourth year : session (1999-2000)
• Acquired Position : 2nd

2. Four years Course on Classical Dance from ZilaShilpokala Academy, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
• Session : (2004-2005)
• Finishing year : 2008
• Acquired Position : 2nd

Workshop (Dance, Theatre and Mime)
1. One Day Workshop on Dance ByMamata Shankar, in 2002, Nrittanchal, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2. Seven Days Workshop on Theatre Drama By Theatre Workshop Of Chittagong, in 2007,
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
3. Seven days Workshop on Mime by DebangshuHore, in 2014, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

1. 2nd Position in Dance Competition 1998, by Bangladesh BouddhoSamityJubo, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
2. 2nd Position in Dance Competition, 1999, by Bangladesh BouddhoSamityJubo, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
3. 3rd Position in Dance Competition by Bangladesh Bouddho-Kristi ProcharSangha, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Research Publications

Conferences Attended
1. ULAB DEH Interuniversity Undergraduate Conference organised by Department of English and Humanities at 30th April 2015 in University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Presentation on the paper titled “Adaptation of Ken Kesey's 'One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest': Differences between the Book and the Film”.
2. 11th Annual DebrupaBal Memorial National Students' Seminar, Organised by Comparative Literature Department from 16th to 17th February 2019 at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.
Presentation on the paper titled ''Tradition or the Recipe- past and present of the ChatgaiyaMejban''.
3. International conference entitled "Transitions in Policy, Resilience and Identity: New Challenges in Indo-Canadian Studies: Narratives on Canada’s Conflicts and Reconciliations" organized by the Center for Canadian Studies from 6-8th February, Kolkata, India in collaboration with SHASTRI INDO CANADIAN INSTITUTE, Kolkata, India.
Presentation on the paper titled "Reel Canada- In terms of resistance and sensation".

Newspaper Articles
1. “In Memoriam: Humayun Azad”, Published in “The Daily Observer”, on April 29, 2017, Bangladesh.
2. “The Book Versus The Film”, Published in “The Daily Observer”, on June 3, 2017, Bangladesh.
3. An Interview with Khan Touseef Osman regarding Professor Masud Mahmud, Published in "Kothaboli", on May 13, 2019, Bangladesh.


Business Planning 90%
Business Law 70%
Lecture Skill 100%