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Seminar on "Renewable Energy and Research Activity"

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A seminar onĀ "Renewable Energy and Research Activity", Organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, was held at the University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC) premises on 16th January 2020. The program was divided into two sessions, the first session was on renewable energy and the second session was on research activities. The Guest speaker: Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun, Chairman, Department of Farm Power and Machinery, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Sylhet Agricultural University, delivered presentations during both sessions. The morning session was focused on renewable energy sources of biomass and solar energy along with their implementation. This session was coordinated by Md Samdani Azad (Lecturer, Civil Engineering, UCTC). The ceremony was inaugurated through welcoming speech from the Founder of UCTC: Mohammad Osman, Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Mohammad Yunus and Advisor: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mamun. The session was concluded by Prof Dr. Enamul Qadir (Head, Department of Civil Engineering, UCTC) The afternoon session was on research activities. This session was coordinated by Avishek Ghosh (Lecturer, Civil Engineering, UCTC). Prof. Dr. Al Mamun delivered a presentation on research activities and development. This session covers the procedures: How to win research funds and how to publish research articles in top-ranked journals. Special thanks to the Md Saiful Alam Saif (Program coordinators and Senior Lecturer of ELL Department), Nazmus Shakib (Program Coordinator and Lecturer of ME Department) and Nusrat Sharmin Coordinator of CSE Department along with the faculty members presented over the two sessions. A special thanks to the faculty members of the Department of Civil Engineering for their valuable effort to make the program successful.