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The English Language and Shakespeare Fest Observed at UCTC!

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On 6th may 2019, the English Language and Shakespeare Fest was observed at University of Creative Technology, Chittagong [UCTC]! The illustrious personalities present were: revered Founder of UCTC, Mr. Mohammad Osman, well-regarded Vice-chancellor, Professor Mohammad Yunus, and venerable Registrar, Professor Dr. Sheikh Sirajul Islam. Moreover, the admired faculty members, guests and the students also made their presence felt.

The chief guest was Professor Mohammad Yunus, the respected Vice-chancellor of UCTC and the special guest was Mr. Mohammad Osman, the esteemed Founder of UCTC. The aforementioned eminent phenomena presented their enlightening and thought-provoking speeches, so did Professor Dr. Sheikh Sirajul Islam, honoured Registrar, Md. Ziaul Haque, Assistant Professor of English and Shafinur Shafin, Senior Lecturer in English.  

After the completion of the inaugural speech-session, a student presented a certain slide-show highlighting the life history of William Shakespeare in a nutshell. Subsequently, some students recited the Bard’s sonnets and one of them sang an English song. The ‘English Language Quiz’ preceded the ‘Inauguration of the Creative ELLSOC’ [English Language and Literature Society]. Nonetheless, the core of attraction was the stage-drama “Hamlet”, written by the greatest dramatist in the world, William Shakespeare. This extensive tragedy was condensed for the purpose of stage-performance by Md. Ziaul Haque, Assistant Professor of English. It is worth noting that he was also the Director of the stage-drama. The students acted superbly well and enchanted the spectators through their breathtaking performance!