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UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY CHITTAGONG , Chandgaon Police Station, 1084, Shah Amanat Bridge Connecting Road, Chittagong 4212

A N M Amanullah Tomal

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

A N M Amanullah Tomal is currently working as a Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC), Bangladesh. He has completed his B.Sc. from Islamic University of Technology (IUT)- a subsidiary organ of OIC in 2014. Later he completed his M.Sc. (By Research) in Mechatronics Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 2018 with Research Assistantship. During that time, he worked in 3 different research projects and published 2 journal and 2 conference papers. Besides his research work, he also worked as a Consultant at Techcapital Resources Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. After completion of his M.Sc, he joined as a Lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Daffodil International University. He is an expert in SolidWorks, CATIA, LabVIEW, Matlab and Python programming language.


M.Sc. in Mechtronics Engineering (By Research), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh

Teaching expertise

- Thermodynamics
- Heat Transfer
- Engineering Mechanics
- Engineering Drawing
- Statistical Quality Control
- Industrial and Operational Management

Research Interests

- Design and Manufacturing
- Additive Manufacturing
- Control and Automation
- Robotics

Research Projects and Awards

A. Research Projects:
- Design and Development of a Hybrid Machine Combining Rapid prototyping and CNC Machining Operation
- Improving Coefficient of Performance (COP) via Combination of Photovoltaic/thermal (PVT), Thermoelectric Coolers and Absorption Refrigeration System
- Development of Clothes Folding Machine with Automatic Hanger

B. Rewards:
- Research Assistantship during the study of M. Sc.
- Awarded SSC Dhaka Board scholarship (2008-2010) from the Govt. of Bangladesh
- Awarded junior scholarship in 2005 from the Govt. of Bangladesh
- Awarded primary scholarship in 2002 from the Govt. of Bangladesh

Research Publications

A. Peer-reviewed journal papers:
1. Masud, M.H., Nuruzzaman, M., Ahamed, R., Ananno, A.A. and Tomal, A.A., 2020. “Renewable energy in Bangladesh: current situation and future prospect”. International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 39(2), pp.132-175.

2. Tomal, A. A., Saleh, T., & Khan, M. R. (2018). “Combining Fused Deposition Modelling With Abrasive Milling To Attain Higher Dimensional Accuracy And Better Surface Finish On The Finished Product”. IIUM Engineering Journal, 19(2), 221-231.

3. Rana, M. M., Rana, M. M., Ibrahim, D. S., Ibrahim, D. S., Mohd Asyraf, M. R., Mohd Asyraf, M. R., ... & Tomal, A. (2017). “A review on recent advances of CNTs as gas sensors”. Sensor Review, 37(2), 127-136.

B. Conference papers proceedings:
1. Tomal, A. A., Saleh, T., & Khan, M. R. (2017). “Improvement of Dimensional Accuracy of 3-D Printed Parts using an Additive/Subtractive Based Hybrid Prototyping Approach”. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 260, No. 1, p. 012031). IOP Publishing.

2. Amanullah, A. N. M., Saleh, T., & Khan, R. (2017). “Design and Development of a Hybrid Machine Combining Rapid Prototyping and CNC Milling Operation”. Procedia Engineering, 184, 163-170.

3. Ahsan Habib, M., Patwari, M., Anayet, U., Khan, K. A., & Amanullah Tomal, A. N. M. (2015). “Surface Roughness Optimization in Turning Operation Using Hybrid Algorithm of Artificial Bee Colony with RSM”. In Advanced Materials Research (Vol. 1101, pp. 393-396). Trans Tech Publication


Business Planning 90%
Business Law 70%
Lecture Skill 100%