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Master of Public Health (MPH)

The Master of public Health (MPH) is one of the most widely recognized professional degree for leadership in public health.It is the Program for medical and non-medical health professionals. The University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC) is offering this unique program with experienced teaching team and research-based education strategies. The learners of our MPH program get involved in research-based studies and critical analysis of public health problems of the 21st century. The program emphasizes on the development skills and competency in management, research and communications of health programs.Graduating students have moved on to work for their respective governments, national and international NGOs and with various donor and UN agencies. ... Details




Reproductive and Child Health

Occupational Health

Health Promotion, Health Education and Behavioral Science

Environmental Health Science

If you’re a health professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an health planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

The prime objective of MPH program of UCTC is-

  • To ensure the development and accomplishment of advanced public health education through most updated curriculum in practice in the country
  • To emphasize on involvement of students in active and direct learning to solve problem, and the acquisition of skills essential in this profession.
  • To foster research activities that are consistent with the mission and vision of the institution and department and represent interdisciplinary and multi-method approaches

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Department of Public Health

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Why Choose MPH?

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC) trains students to protect and improve the health of entire populations. Students learn how to tackle the challenging issues that affect communities, work with people across sectors, and educate the public about best health care practices.With the increasing emphasis on health protection, promotion and disease prevention, a variety of new career opportunities have been generated for people with a postgraduate qualification in public health.Even if your academic background is not directly in public health, we would encourage you to apply, particularly if you are working in the public health, social or community sectors in some capacity.

Self Development

This program is likely to be attractive to both medical and non-medical graduates. Our range of modules will offer you excellent opportunities to develop your skills in areas such as epidemiology; policy development and analysis; leadership; and the collaborative and partnership working required to tackle determinants of health that transcend national boundaries.


There is a connection between our beliefs and our sense of well being. Positive beliefs, comfort, and strength can contribute to well being. It may even promote healing. Improving our spiritual health may not cure an illness, but it may help you feel better. Studies shown that spiritual are important individual's health promotion behaviors and people with greater spirituality have a greater general well-being and disease prevention attitudes.


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University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC)was established by MohammadOsman in 2015 for the public benefit. Throughout our great history, UCTC has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector.

Why Study Here?

The Academic offers include 14 majors, 15 minors, and more than 100 in major specializations so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.

Not only does UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY CHITTAGONG provide you the practical skills that is necessary to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon your graduation, but we also make sure that you will have a good sense of social justice so that you make the transition responsibly.

The national standard curriculum has been offered by Public Health Department at UCTC with considerable success since 2019 to enhance the quality of education.