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Department of English Language and Literature (ELL) under the School of Arts and Social Sciences is as old as UCTC itself is. It offers a high quality undergraduate degree in English with at least three areas of concentration - English language, literature, and English Language Teaching (ELT). Albeit quite young, ELL is proud to be rather an atypical English department in and beyond Chittagong in terms of its novel curriculum, and its superb faculty members, of course. Our focus is not simply on literature studies which classically offer a critical and analytical look at the world in literature... Details


English Language and Literature

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Provided by the KU Institute of Education, this programme is available by distance learning, allowing you to study flexibly while balancing work and personal lifes. The MSc Finance (EG. Banking) deepens your understanding of banks and financial markets, and how they relate to performance. It will help you to advance your career in finance and policy.

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